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Yes. Recipes, products, shop or directory listings on MenuCulture are the property of the posting author. Products can be deleted from the ‘Vendor’ s Dashboard ‘. Account can be deleted from the frontend using the ‘More’ tab.
Your data is encrypted. You can click the padlock icon in the browser address bar to confirm that you are on our website. We do not collect credit card information from you but transfer you to a reputable affiliate to complete shopping of ingredients. You will need to be registered with the Affiliate to complete transaction. Purchasing of meals are paid to vendor at time of delivery, cash on delivery.
For the safe handling of food to the public, a food handlers permit is required from the city’s Department of Health.
Also if food is being prepared from your location a permit from the Department of Health will be required unless you are preparing meal at your client’s location. However, a food handlers permit is still required.
Customers can check for permits on the single product page under Vendor Biography.
Yes, To do this (1) Upload permit in the ‘Biography’ section of vendor store. This will show up in your single product page.

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